§1. The contract between HOUSANDDOGSITTING, Frank Wassmann (HADS) and the client shall be considered concluded after HADS having confirmed the assignment in writing. Like the client, HADS, Frank Wassmann, shall have householder’s rights throughout the duration the assignment. These will be restricted and defined in detail, in written form. The same applies regarding the times of day HADS can leave the property during the assignment. These agreements shall be legally binding for HADS

§2. Individual contractual items: all tools and aids necessary for the execution of the contract (e.g. dog food, plant nutrition etc. …) shall be provided by the client. Possible expenses shall be disbursed by HADS and on presentation of a receipt compensated by the client. The official handover of the keys shall be recorded.

§3. Remuneration: see Prices. All prices indicated are exclusive of 19 % VAT. The invoice settlement/ remuneration shall take place at the day of the client’s return. The agreed amount shall be transferred to HADS’s account upon completion of the assignment.

§4. Cancellation by the client: In the event of cancellation by the client, regardless of the circumstances, HADS shall be entitled to demand 50 % of the order value.

§5. Cancellation by HADS, Frank Wassmann: In the highly unlikely event of cancellation by HADS, the client is also entitled to demand 50 % of the order value.

§6. Conclusion of the assignment: joint assessment and preparation of a report, which shall be signed by both parties to avert subsequent damage claims.

§7. Damages: HADS shall not be liable for any damages that were not caused directly by HADS during the assignment. These damages have to be covered by the according insurance of the client, e.g. household contents, glass or pet owner liability insurance. Culpability of HADS, Frank Wassmann: Covered by public liability insurance policies for personal injury, property damage and financial losses.

Place of jurisdiction: German Law. Bremen.