As a passionate dog enthusiast, dogs have enriched my life for years. They are the pride and joy of everyday life: Especially my soul mate Lim*Biz became a muse for FCC & HADS. Therefore, I perfectly understand the love for your dog and the agony of leaving him or her behind when you are travelling. This understanding is what made Frank Wassmann offer this attentive, responsible and individual service:

  • Caring for the well-being of your dog in familiar surroundings
  • Feeding at the usual hours
  • 3 long walks at different locations including playing with balls and Frisbees
  • Serving favorite food
  • Your dog is the ONLY one being walked - NO groups - By your personal dogwalker Frank Wassmann! (Your pet is equipped with GPS-Tracker at neckband. In emergency he can be found exactly & immediately by Google Maps)
  • Communication in your absence: Video/Audio - live stream ( Wherever you are in the world: With a special App for Iphone/ I pad, you have 24/7 the possibility , to see, how happy your dog is - even when he is running or walking! PhoneCalls / SMS / Sending Pics / CameraApp-System: D-LINK.
  • CourseDogsitter §11 german Protection of Animal Act.
  • Maintenance of the usual daily routine
  • Tender and loving care
  • If necessary: drug administration. In case of an emergency the dog will IMMEDEATELY be taken to a veterinarian - If necessary: drug administration.
  • Always at hand: First aid kit for dogs including painkillers, antiseptic agents, paw care, elastic bandages for dogs
  • Special & softly underlays for older dogs with hd , arthrosis - In the car & at home

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

Roger Caras
Our DOG-REPORT-CARD are left for you after each order and keep you up to date on the latest and most important news about your dog - Including where your dog went and what Frank Wassmann - Your Dogwalker did , to keep him happy & healthy - Just have a look at our DOG-REPORT-CARD & see the love, to the dogs:

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