HOMEANDDOGSITTING, represented solely by Frank Wassmann, ensures reliability and trust as well as prime dog entertainment throughout your absence, to enable you to focus on the necessities or indulge in the pleasures of life no matter where you are.

Frank Wassmann is a self-employed businessman with 30 years of experience. Since 2006 he successfully manages the FireCupCompany.Est.2006 – marketing his proprietary innovations. Given the unique nature of his products, they are quite popular. The great majority of the annual turnover of these winter products is generated in the time from October to December.

Due to his vocational freedom and the fact that it is gloomy and raining on almost 300 days a year in Bremen, Frank Wassmann presents this unique win-win solution for clients in Germany, Austria and Spain:

Respectful appreciation of your property, absolute discretion, 24/7/365-Service, company-owned van and fixed prices for your computable absence!

Among other things, we offer reliable and permanent supervision of your real estate, so that it doesn’t seem deserted in the course of your absence and thus won’t be targeted by potential burglars.

Whether it be for a week, a month or a whole year – prepare your “to-do-list” and be assured everything will be taken care of.

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