HOUSANDOGSITTING.COM – EST.2013– With Love, Soul & Entertainment!

Are you working long hours, planning a holiday or business trip, are you plagued by a temporary handicap? In other words: Your dog will miss out!
Here I would like to offer you my reliable DOGWALKING:

SOLO walks: Playing, swimming, digging, making new contacts with conspecifics and recognizing myself
of your best friend’s needs, body language, and workload. I ONLY offer relaxed SOLO DOGWALKS so that the focus is only on your dog & no stress could arise within a pack.

What could be more attentive and at the same time as invigorating for the dog as an exciting trip into nature? Your four-legged friend has 250 MILLIONS
Olfactory cells (humans 20 million) Imagine what the dog perceives with changing destinations in the forest, at the lake, in the field…

About me: For more than three decades, 4 soul dogs from the RESCUE-DOGS area have accompanied me and mutual joy in life as well as long-standing, deep friendships developed. From 2006-2021 I ran the FireCupCompany, with protected new products from my pen.
In 2022 I gave up the company to devote myself professionally to my passion for these special animals.

My COMMITMENT to wind & weather – 365/7

Exciting DOGWALKS – SOLO – with regularly changing trips into the green. COLLECT & BRING SERVICE in the DogExplorer (air conditioning/ first aid/ leashed inside/ fresh water & towels (after bathing or rain)/ orthopedic documents/ and: LOTS of toys) Positive occupancy. DOG

MOBILE DOG CARE “24”: Leaving your beloved dog alone at home is never easy! Your best friend feels most comfortable in familiar surroundings.
3 walks / feeding / medication if necessary / daily up-to-date / 24-hour presence, if desired / DOG

HOSPITAL: Do you love your dog so much that you would like to have him on the hospital grounds with the best care? With the
RV this is possible! I would be happy to discuss the details with you. CONTACT

NEW YEAR’S EVE BECOMES “Still Eve”: Dogsitting on the dog beach in Duhnen or on the farm near FischerHude – WITHOUT audible banging! – PRICES –

CARE OF YOUR PROPERTY – With or without a fur nose – So that you can SECURELY devote yourself to your important things – HOUSE –

Gladly at fixed prices so that your absence remains calculable. PRICES

IMPORTANT in everything: The sympathy between the dog and me must be absolutely right, so that the mood barometer of the dog’s soul points upwards!
SINCE 2013: Assistant to HADS: Yorkshire FIXXX. Charming, with positive social behavior & valuable support when playing with “guests”.

I look forward to great walks with your dog…..

Barking greetings from Bremen.


Have a nice time. Your home is safe!
Lights & Living inside.
No worrying on holidays & business!