Prices – 365/7

DOGWALK, in the rain & sun, during the day & in the evening, in varied areas such as forests or lakes.
Always according to the character of the dog!

60 minutes: 14 EUR + return 0.30 EUR/km
30 minutes: 12 EUR + return 0.30 EUR/km

– Individual wishes, monthly flat rate requested? Inquire easily and DIRECTLY on:
0176 96 11 67 12

– The prices do not include 19% VAT. The service can be ordered as a “household-like service” from your tax office
be invoked.

SYLVESTER becomes “Silvester”: For most dogs, New Year’s Eve simply means stress, restlessness and panic. Um to that
escape, the following offer:

New Year’s Eve, 31.12. / 1 p.m. – New Year’s Eve 01.01. / 1 p.m.: Playing, romping, long walks on the dog beach to your heart’s content
in Duhnen, or a farm in the vicinity of Fischerhude – WITHOUT audible fireworks in the area – in a gang of
2 dogs, the character vintage & match each other. A feast for your dog!

EUR 300.00 + 19% VAT

– Please note: Registration must be made by October 15th. one year.

SUDDENLY HOSPITAL: You don’t trust an animal shelter or a pension & want the dog near you? For this
I would like to offer traps two options:

– A mobile home WILL be parked directly on the hospital grounds with me as the “host” for your dog. It takes place every day 3
appropriate walks, feedings & wishes on your part, instead. So you have the best feeling & closeness to in the hospital bed
your dog and can, e.g. after the operation, immediately to your beloved fur nose! A 24-hour presence is guaranteed on my part!

– Dogs love their familiar surroundings: Of course, your dog can also be looked after in your home.

Prices: According to individual agreement. This also applies to taking care of VACATION APARTMENTS and caring for your dog in your
house, e.g. during your HOLIDAY.

EVERY JOURNEY with your dog – ALWAYS at the start: Fresh water. Leashed in the car. First aid. Orthopedic pads for dogs
For example. with osteoarthritis. AirCondition & of course a large selection of toys.

Smooth running house!