Housesitting & Dogsitting

HADS, Frank Wassmann, offers a wide range of services for your home, office and dog during your business trip, vacation or hospitalization within the EU!

  • Generation of a report.
  • Management or forwarding of your mail, acceptance of deliveries, newspapers etc. ....
  • Permanent presence. Any absence times will be defined by you and strictly observed


  • Logging of visitors, craftsmen or the like
  • Communication with ordered craftsmen or the like
  • Waste management
  • Plant care
  • Fax & phone service with a pleasant voice and polite manners.
  • Shopping and running errands according to your wishes, using the company owned van. In any case of emergency no matter of what type (e.g. water or storm damages) professional help will be requested immediately.
  • Car services: date arrangements concerning cleaning or refilling of fluids
  • Sweeping of leaves and snow, meter readings if necessary
  • Replenishing food supplies fort he day of your arrival.
  • Shuttle services to and from the airport using the company owned van.
  • Comfort and tender loving care for your dog: see Dogs’ Entertainment!
  • Meet & greet at the day of your arrival, including freshly cut flowers and „Feuerzangenbowle“ or „LuMumba“ – served burning and hot in original Feuerzangen-cups!
  • Insurance partner: Alte Leipziger

Not listed? Just give us a call: 0176 96 11 67 12!! If you come up with any special demands during your absence, just send an e-mail / text or call.